Can Humans Take Thomas Labs’ Fish Antibiotics?


In a recent post Who Is Thomas Labs? The Manufacturer of Fish Antibiotics we discussed where we get our fish antibiotics from. One of the most frequent questions we are asked about the products that we carry is, “Can I take this fish antibiotic for myself?” Other versions of this question could be “Are fish antibiotics safe for humans to take?” or “Are these pet antibiotics I am giving to my pets the same thing I get from my doctor?” Very understandable questions, and we hope that we can answer these questions in a manner that we will not be misunderstood.

At we are a retailer of fish antibiotics, we also have bird antibiotics. However, we do not have any medical, pharmaceutical or veterinary training. Therefore, we cannot get into speculations or speak about things that are not established as fact. For this purpose we will stick with the basic facts about our company and its products.

The fish antibiotics that we carry are of the highest grade. They are in fact pharmaceutical grade fish antibiotics.


“Pharmaceutical Grade is the highest quality substance used, products meeting this grade must be greater than 99% pure, and cannot contain binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or unknown substances.” (source: Thomas Labs Product Catalog)

All the fish antibiotics that we carry are pharmaceutical grade antibiotics of the highest quality but they are manufactured for pet/animal use and are not intended to be used by humans in place of a prescription medication from a certified doctor.  If you look up the markings that are on the products we sell at you can verify that the medications we carry are in fact the USP grade medications they claim to be.  There are many reasons to consult a doctor if you are sick the most important reasons being without proper medical training it is very difficult to properly diagnose and prescribe what medications will work under what circumstance and of course make sure that the patient is not allergic to any of the medications.

If fish antibiotics are USP grade then why can’t I take them for myself?

It is illegal to sell any prescription drugs without a medical prescription which is why we only sell these products for fish and animal use.  As we stated earlier we are not trained pharmacists but there are lots of good reasons for requiring antibiotics to have a prescription for humans, mostly to keep you safe.  However, the fact is, doctors who have the proper training, have decided to impede individuals from using antibiotics without proper instructions and being monitored correctly.

Therefore, here at we cannot suggest the consumption of any of our products by a human being & discourage anyone from buying these products for personal use.

We hope that by providing you this information you leave with confidence knowing that using these fish and or bird antibiotics for your pets are the highest quality and best antibiotics available to help you pets stay healthy.  You can know with a surety that what they are taking will indeed help their ailment.  Don’t forget it is always important to consult with a qualified and licensed veterinarian to make sure you are using the right medication for your pet’s illness.

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