Do they make Azithromycin as a fish antibiotic?

Azithromycin is an antibiotic. However, it is not a fish antibiotic. We receive frequent calls inquiring about this particular antibiotic. We do not carry that particular antibiotic. We can only carry fish antibiotics that we receive from our manufacturer, Thomas Laboratories. We have contacted Thomas Labs ourselves to ask about this product because of the obvious demand from our customers. We have decided to write this blog to explain the answer we received from Thomas Labs.

We were told over a phone conversation that Azithromycin is a strong antibiotic. So strong that they have decided, and when I say they I don’t really know who they are but “they” are the individuals who have the power to make decisions about which antibiotics can be produced and sold for animals, to not allow Azithromycin to be sold as a fish antibiotics or pet antibiotic.

All of our fish antibiotics are not to be taken by humans, you can read more about that in our blog post Can Humans Take Thomas Labs’ Fish Antibioticsand therefore, “they” have decided that this strong antibiotic will be made and produce solely for human use. Therefore, we as a retailer for fish antibiotics and bird antibiotics will not be carrying Azithromycin.

We do have a wide assortment of pet antibiotics that you can purchase for your pets. Here are a few of our most popular items.

Fish Mox (Amoxicillin)

Fish Pen (Penicillin)

Fish Flex (Cephalexin/Keflex)

Bird Biotic (Doxycycline)

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