Fish Antibiotics

All of the medicines we carry are NON-PRESCRIPTION fish antibiotics.  They are USP grade antibiotics produced by pharmaceutical companies.  The Dosages and Strengths and medications are for use in ornamental or pet fish only.

Fish Mox, Fish Flex, Fish Zole, Fish Cillin, Fish Flox, Fish Cycline

"All Thomas Labs fish antibiotics have high potency and contain pharmaceutical grade quality ingredients." 


"Pharmaceutical Grade is the highest quality substance used, products meeting this grade must be greater than 99% pure, and cannot contain binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or unknown substances." (source: Thomas Labs Product Catalog)

Types of Fish Antibiotics - For More Information Click on Each Type or Read " About Fish Antibiotics "

Fish Antibiotics in tablets or capsules

Fish Antibiotics in raw pure powder form

Fish Antibiotic Powder in single dose packets

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  1. Fish Nitro Forte Powder 300 mg

    Fish Nitro Forte Powder - Nitrofurazone - 300 mg (Discontinued)

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    Nitrofurazone is excellent in the the fight against marine ulcer disease and all types of protozoans. It is useful in koi for the treatment of furunculosis. It is one of the safest antibiotics on the market. It can be used for extended periods without issues.

    300 mg of Nitrofurazone 

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