Bulk Powder Jars

Purchase fish antibiotics in bulk powder jars for easy storage. Each jar comes with a measuring scoop to make sure each dose is the correct amount for your fish.

Fish Antibiotics in raw pure powder form

The Pure Powder Fish Antibiotics that we sell are 98-99% pure powder fish antibiotics that come in bulk jars and do not contain any fillers or carriers. Thomas Labs Pure antibiotic powders come in different strengths based on the type of antibiotic and each is labeled with a “per level scoop” dose amount. Pure Antibiotic Powders are helpful for dosing and administering fish antibiotics to fish tanks that are not standard size and may container smaller or larger fish than average fish tanks.  They are also useful in situations that require very specific dosing measurements.  Because they are in bulk powder form they often cost less than the same medication in pill or capsule form.  

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  1. Fish Flex Pure Powder 50 grams

    Fish Flex - Pure Powder - Cephalexin - Pure Raw Powder in a Bottle (Discontinued)

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    Fish Flex 50 Grams of FISH-FLEX - Pure Powder Cephalexin is a broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat a wide range of non-specific bacterial infections during the most active and multiplying stages of infection.

    Available Sizes
    30 Count Fish Flex
    100 Count Fish Flex 
    30 Count Fish Flex Forte
    100 Count Fish Flex Forte
    50 Grams Fish Flex Pure Powder 

    340 mg Cephalexin - *99% Pure

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